Born 2nd December, 1979, Wole Aguda is an astute Businessman with records of demonstrated capacity, philanthropy, and creative ingenuity. Armed with a B.Sc. in Psychology from the University of Jos, Nigeria and an MBA with Distinction from the University of Hull, United Kingdom respectively, Aguda honed his business skills in Insurance, Banking, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Consulting, Information and Communications Technology. 

He is a personable business professional with a firm belief in the resilience of the Nigerian nation and her people. His uncommon business acumen clearly underscores his qualities as a tactician and strategist who covers his flanks excellently and effectively. This has been deployed to generate employment at different strata and in tough fields of endeavor.

Aguda has worked his way through top Nigerian companies such as Industrial and General Insurance Company (IGI), Image Consultants, First Bank Plc, the then Oceanic Bank Plc, Vitafoam Nigeria Plc, GLOBACOM LTD, gathering experience and discipline in the process. As Direct-to-Retail Lead at Vitafoam Nigeria Plc, Wole led the team that successfully berthed Vitafoam’s Second Tier Retail Chain called “Vitashops”, in what many have described to be a revolutionary rethink of channels to business profitability for the company. Banking on strides achieved in the course of building a career in the private sector, he ventured into full blown entrepreneurship.

Aguda has successfully carved a niche for himself in Nigeria’s booming tech space with a number of business organisations that have affirmed the aforementioned capabilities and business character. In 2015, he founded DeGrey Digital Technologies, and in 2016 he formed,, Nigeria’s First Online Bereavement Management Service. And still not resting on his oars, in 2017 with a few partners, he founded EppMe Digital Technologies (formerly Services) with interests in Geolocation Services Management, Dynamic Reporting Systems, Emergency Services and Employee Productivity Tracker. The company would later receive an award of a Certificate of Patent from the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Aguda has beyond his business pursuits, used his voice and platforms to support many good causes. Aguda loves to serve and it comes quite naturally. Recognizing the significance of genuine service to his people, and the need to take Kogi State to pointable participatory development, Aguda who hails from Takete-Ide, Mopamuro LGA declared his intention to run for the governorship seat of the Confluence State, in May 2019. Far above the quality of his academic qualifications, the most valuable credential he brings to governance is his creative genius and solutions driven focus. 

With strong convictions, genuine political will, tenacity of purpose and a solid agenda for all sectors of the economy of the state in place, Aguda presents new thinking, and new ways of achieving frontrunner status for Kogi state.

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