Kogi State is bounded to the east by Nassarawa State, to the south by Enugu, Anambra and Edo States, to the west by Ondo, Ekiti and Kwara States and to the north by Niger, Abuja and Nassarawa States. The state has a land area of 29,833km. Kogi state has a total land area of 28,313.53 square kilometres and a projected population of 3.3 million people.

It lies on latitude 7.49oN and longitude 6.45oE with a geological feature depicting young sedimentary rocks and alluvium along the riverbeds, which promotes agricultural activities. The state features ferralsols soil type and famous hills like ososo hills, which spread from Edo State to the western part of Kogi State and aporo hill on the eastern part. Another famous mountain is Mount Patti, which lies in Lokoja and stands at about 750 metres above sea level.

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