Dear Supporter,

You have probably seen a poster, and some messages from my page suggesting my interest in partisan politics. You also probably nurse doubts about the correctness, accuracy or the intention of the communication. After a session of devotion and conviction, I come to the solemn conclusion that the urgency of  fixing the desecrated state of governance in Kogi can no longer be deferred. As the Almighty wills, I will be contesting the post of Governor, Kogi State, come November 2019. It is a real and a well intended aspiration that emerges from deep seated thoughts about the state of Kogi.

Without a doubt, Kogi State has been tossed to seemingly insurmountable infamy. Nothing good seems to come out of our beloved state anymore. If it is preposterous, it will likely come from Kogi. I rise to state without fear that we are greater than the shame pasted on our state’s walls. We are more resourceful than the pauperized graffiti dotting our pavements and streets. We are greater than the suggestions of gross incapacity to which we have been subjected and named. I intend to change the narrative about my dear state and hereby call on every man and woman, boy and girl, old and young, who believe that a clean slate and that real progress is possible in Kogi to join this caravan. We will be successful!

I am son to retired civil servants – that is, between my father and my mother, the Federal Government of Nigeria, their employer had over 60+ years of service rendered. I am perpetually proud of my parents and their contributions to our nation’s growth. I however wonder, are sons of Kogi State’s Civil Servants able to share the same pride for their parents who are in the grave due to hunger and impoverishment? Will the sons and daughters of suicide victims be so inclined to replicate this pride I hold because their parents also worked for Kogi? I’d hardly think so.

Leadership is lacking in Kogi and I say that with a very assured sense of conviction. I intend to lead a team of young people who will be Leaders by every stretch of the word.

I have led multiple teams to success all my life. We have achieved organisational success, financial success, social progress and consensus under very difficult circumstances – my state should not be exempt from mentions of excellence that we birth per time that we are so privileged to show leadership. We will provide leadership that is true, purposeful, modern and in unadulterated tune with the aspirations of the masses of Kogi.

Because I do not own the money and vast resources at the disposal of the existing political class, our approach to this human intervention will be unconventional. We will not be able to match the noise of their sirens and the bails of money that will be available for nefarious vote buying, but we will match every vice with intellect, match every dirty money with higher thinking and every plot with carefully engineered counter plots underwritten by support from the grassroot.

My focus will be an immediate upgrade of the masses of Kogi State and social development. Our people deserve to live happy lives, get good medicare, sound education and sound transportation. Our state will infuse the creativity of enterprise in her people so that the culture of dependency can give way to collective productivity. It is the only way to feed ourselves without tears. While our state deserves salvation from frauds disguised as leaders, we will create a system that ensures that we are not just a fresh repetition of the mistakes of the past. We will unite the major and minor tribes of our dear state to engender a brotherly disposition that rides on friendship, communal understanding and respect for social development. This ambition may consume me but something must consume a man. I find service to my people worthy in this wise as sufficent exchange. The interest of my team will be to hold sincere conversations with Kogites while leading them with fear refined by Edumare. Our manifesto will be result of real, testable development focused data and analysis. We will use our brains a lot.

We will not joke with service and the requirements for governance. The governance jokes of Kogi will die a natural death when we present our credentials.

In conclusion, this note dear friend is to, at the first instance, affirm the messages. My team requests your love, prayers and support as we cross from Lokoja to Akutupa, Idah and back to Okene before we cross the entire state, selling our plans and proposals to the people. We will demystify governance and so I hereby enjoin you to be part of this social reset.

I am Wole Temidire Aguda not “Your Excellency or His Excellency”, no I am not. I am just Wole your friend seeking to show real difference of capability in the quest to refine Kogi State and make it shine. It will be done.

I am the one, who with you and God say, #WeCan.

Thank you.


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