Some 2 weeks ago, I declared my intention to run for office of Governor of Kogi State. This announcement, made in solemn sobriety, kick-started what has now become an impressive show of support from many hitherto silent corners of Kogi. Many were apparently riled with the political brigandage there. Within 3 days, we already received jingles, a video and communication materials, freely given up by men and women who, in uncommon faith believed that Kogi State might still have a chance after all.

The events that followed the declaration exposed the unmissable failures of past and current administrations in their apparent inability to creatively tune the state’s economy and revenue base to positive. We were exposed to an entrenched culture of fear and repression, threats to lives and a deliberate psychological war. The people had been made to believe that their votes were useless, of no effect and a waste – to curry away whatever was left in votes bought by Billions of stolen Naira.

We also uncovered a relentless reliance on fear as a campaign tool, carefully presented to keep voters from leaving home on election day. We were briefed of plans to embark on last minute, cosmetic interventions planned to cover serial failures of administration and governance. If I was to rethink my expressed intentions, the discoveries sealed my fate on a No Retreat, No Surrender basis.

Recently, my team and I, in further engagement of the political realities of Kogi and anticipated electoral hardships, assessed a number of political parties upon which to run our objectives for good governance. For me, I wanted a political party that was vibrant enough to energise the political base, ideologically oriented enough to entrench focused governance, and peopled by brilliant and credible persons. I wanted a party that reflected my values of integrity, competence, credibility and forward thinking. I also wanted a party that would be friends with the EFCC and not runaways, fugitives in their home states and awaiting trial candidates in office.

The African Action Congress (AAC) came tops in all the paremeters set out for a clean mandate – one that would be free from the stains and taints of Nigerian politics. We found in the AAC a crop of resolute individuals, grouped by a solid conviction that Nigeria can be better, determined in will and focused. I am in tandem with their energy, the sophistry of their politics, and the resilience of their vision. And as you can see in the attached photo, we are of different backgrounds but committed to one goal – a greater KOGI.

I urge you my friends to continue now to extend support of our ambition with our party in focus. Your existing political affiliations are respected but let us for the sake of KOGI remove the contrabands in the land and begin to grow real prosperity together. This is now not about Igala, Ebira, Okun, Ogori, and the minority tribes, this is about our State. This is about welfare. This is about sound infrastructure.

When salaries are owed, all the tribes suffer, so let us all unite now and TAKE IT BACK.

Believe me, #WeCan TAKE IT BACK.

I remain grateful.


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