The bedrock of a developed and progressive society is education; therefore, the systematic deployment of resources to support institutions of learning and subsidized educationat all of levels is the primary obligation of the government towards securing the future of Kogi State. Applied education that cuts across different economic sectors and feed into industries such as Agriculture, Mining, Transportation, Medicine, Tourism, Engineering, and Technology; is the infallible approach to disrupt the current dismal norm where education in Kogi State is largely disconnected from providing capacity to advance the economy.

An Aguda led administration in full understanding of the implications of poor learning environments has as agenda, a globally-verified blueprint to identify citizens of Kogi State with academic and vocational talents, suitably match them with institutions facilitated to develop their aptitude into expertise. Within a sizable duration of 2 to 3 years, the value derived from strategic education of thousands of our youths will positively reflect on our state’s economy- in Enterprise Growth, Individual Earning, GDP, and global productivity rating.

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