Participatory Rural Development

Kogi State’s economic competitive advantage is in agriculture, and despite the blend of staggered development and mass underdevelopment witnessed in the 3rd republic, our state holds the potential to become the unicorn of the food industry in sub-Saharan Africa. Our mission is to harness Kogi State’s agro commerce  and ensure operational efficiency in the rural areas, which means that key developmental focus on rural communities is imperative to efforts aimed at shoring up the state’s economy.

Kogi State sits on an agricultural goldmine that has the potential to lift generations out of extreme poverty if cultivation and production is systematically approached. Identifying and harnessing the various agro value-chain of crop cultivation, treatment, storage, processing, and transportation, has in its coffers the capacity to absorb in productive employment over 500,000 citizens of the state. 

Its takes a seasoned professional like Aguda, with genuine political will, entrepreneurial conviction, and the participation of our citizens living in rural communities to achieve our collective dream of an economically thriving Kogi State, through agriculture. 

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