Tourism Development

Nigeria has a minefield of tourism potential, and Kogi State is advantageously placed as the confluence town where River Niger and River Benue meet to flow into the Delta region of the country. The geography is dotted by prehistoric land formation which bears the narrative capable of attracting a population of local and foreign spectators, to relive the imagination and beauty of the past. Our mission is to develop the Confluence area to commercial viability by deliberate engagements and concessioning talks in favour of our dear state.

Aguda’s agenda for tourism development for Kogi State is clear-cut in its entirety. Investing heavily in specific tourist sites along the confluence settlements, mountainous rock formations, colonial relics, and our traditional arts/ craft industry; will accord us the mileage required in creating an enabling environment for jobs, for boosting the hospitality sector, advancing our transportation system, and adding immensely to the IGR of our State.

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